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Adult and Geropsychiatric-Mental Health Nurses

AGPN Mission

The mission of the Adult and Geropsychiatric Division  of ISPN is to identify, disseminate, and grow the unique body of knowledge that constitutes the scientific foundation for advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nurses who provide mental health care for adults, the elderly, their families, and communities. AGPN accomplishes this mission by providing the following services to its members:

  • A forum for the exchange of professional knowledge from the field of psychiatric  nursing, as well as welcoming the collegiality and collaboration that comes from utilizing the clinical, research, and theoretical perspectives of other mental health and general health professionals to promote the mental health of adults, the elderly, families, and the community.
  • A unified and strong voice representing advanced practice adult and gero-psychiatric nurses.
  • Organizational liaison with other advanced practice psychiatric mental health nurses through membership in ISPN.

AGPN’s Goals

  • Provide safe, appropriate, quality care and consultation to adults, the elderly, and families with current or potential mental health problems.
  • Establish a legislative agenda to promote community, state, and federal support for adult and geropsychiatric mental health care and health care insurance programs that affect the reimbursement for mental health care services.
  • Foster and enhance the dissemination of clinical findings that advance the mental health care of adults, the elderly, and families with mental health disorders.
  • Promote appropriate educational preparation for the undergraduate and graduate level education of adult and geropsychiatric nurses.
  • Develop effective organizational structure and partnerships to meet the organizational goals of AGPN and integrate with the organizational goals of ISPN.

AGPN Updates - Check out the current newsletter for updates.

Division Director

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