Join Us at ISPN 2018!

11th Annual Psychopharmacology Institute Pre-Conference and 20th Annual Conference
April 10 - 14, 2018
Tempe, Arizona 

"Mental Health Care Amid Policy Chaos", the 2018 ISPN Psychopharmacology Institute Pre-Conference and Annual Conference, April 10-14, at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and Conference Center, in Tempe, AZ.

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ISPN Gift of Membership

We encourage you to think of a student—or two—whose membership you might sponsor by paying the student's first year of ISPN membership dues of $25. 

A special way to reach out to graduates as well is to support their entry into ISPN by sponsoring their first year of ISPN membership dues of $150. 

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ISPN Mission:

To support advanced-practice psychiatric-mental health nurses in
promoting mental health care, literacy, and policy worldwide.

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing

Official Journal of ISPN

A subscription to Archives of Psychiatric Nursing is a benefit of membership.

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The IMIN Mentoring Program

The ISPN Mentoring Initiative Navigator Program, or IMIN, is a capacity building project started in 2014 and sponsored by the ISPN Membership Committee. The IMIN model was designed by Dr. Beth Bonham with two aims: to increase an involved membership in ISPN by connecting new members with seasoned ISPN members; and to facilitate leadership succession planning by mentoring members into leadership positions.

The seasoned ISPN member who volunteers to mentor through participation in IMIN may meet the new member initially at the annual conference and share time with the new member that may include meeting for coffee, planning dinner, and introducing the new member to the wider network of ISPN members. The mentor/mentee model can be implemented in any way that is comfortable for the dyad and for any length of time the dyad decides – activities may range from an occasional telephone or email check in to a structured clinical supervision. IMIN is a voluntary program for any members as well as a pathway to quickly connect new members with the larger organization.

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