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International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Foundation

A legacy for future advanced practice psychiatric-mental health nursing

Click here for all scholarship, award and grant information for 2017. (Applications will be accepted from 9/1/16 through 11/1/16)

The Purpose of the Foundation

  1. To establish a trust, the income of which is used to support and encourage the activities and purposes of the ISPN for charitable, literary, clinical, research, and educational endeavors.
  2. To receive and maintain funds and, as appropriate, expend the income in support of and in furtherance of the purposes of ISPN
  3. To promote psychiatric-mental health nursing and the professional expertise of psychiatric-mental health nurses
  4. To enhance opportunities for communication among psychiatric-mental health nurses and with the clients/persons they serve who experience mental health challenges

The Goals of the Foundation

  • Foster and enhance research and scholarship
  • Promote relevant educational preparation for the practice of psychiatric mental health nursing
  • Develop partnerships that strengthen the delivery of mental health care around the globe
  • Support student and international members' attendance at annual conferences

About Us
The Foundation members are the collective ISPN Nurses.  Board of Director members manage the business affairs and fulfill the purpose and goals of the Foundation.  Each member of the Board is a current member of ISPN in good standing.  The Board of Directors is composed of no less than three or no more than seven members, elected by the ISPN Foundation Board.  The ISPN treasurer is an ex-officio member of the Foundation Board but without voting rights.  Currently there is a Board of Director President, a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary, and four additional members.  Members of the Board are appointed to serve for a three year term and may be reappointed for a second three year term.  Board meetings are held on a regular basis throughout the year usually via teleconference calls.  A face-to-face meeting of Board of Director members is conducted during the annual conference where ISPN members are invited to attend. (as presented in the ISPN Foundation Bylaws)

ISPN was launched in 1998.  When it became an organization by combining three organizations (ACAPN, ISPCLN & SERPN) one organization already had a foundation.  The Board of Directors for ISPN determined that ISPN needed its own foundation, providing a place for the foundation already in existence--The Robert O. Gilbert Foundation of ACAPN.

In 2001, ISPN President, Dr. Linda Finke charged ACAPN Division Director, Dr. Beth Bonham, and SERPN Division Director, Dr. Lorna Mill Barrell, with developing bylaws for the Foundation.

When this task was completed, the ISPN Foundation was established in 2002 as a trust to support the mission of ISPN.  Dr. Finke and the ISPN Board appointed the first Board of Director members for the Foundation:  Dr. Jeanne Clement (SERPN), Dr. Judith Coucouvanis (ACAPN), Ann Robinette, CNS, RN-BC (ISPCLN), and Dr. Elizabeth Bonham, PhD, APRN-BC (ISPN founding member).

Activities and Events

  • ISPN Foundation Event
  • Sponsor a fund-raising event at ISPN's annual conference (Silent Auction)
  • Encourage donations from ISPN members and others via conference applications, membership and membership renewal applications, e-blasts, mailings of letters and a brochure, etc.
  • Solicit funds for ISPN via networking and a letter-campaign for pharmaceutical companies that research and develop psychotropic medications
  • Solicit funds for ISPN via networking and a letter-campaign for other businesses and organizations that want to promote and support mental health and psychiatric-mental health nursing
  • Develop and sell fundraising products, such as Foundation t-shirts
  • Present Research Grant(s) from donations to ISPN
  • Present Education Grant(s) to advanced practice psychiatric mental health nursing students
  • Present Scholarships to students to attend ISPN conferences

Current Updates with Past ISPN Foundation Events and Recipients

 Conference Events


2016 - Reception, Auction and Fundraising at the Marriott City Center, April 14, 2016, Minneapolis, MN


2015 - Reception, Auction and Fundraising at the Blueacre Seafood Restaurant, Seattle, WA


2014 - Reception, Auction and Fundraising at the Hyatt Regency Greenville


2012 - Reception and Auction at the Jimmy Carter Museum


2011 - Dinner and Silent and Live Auction on March 31, 2011 in Tucson, AZ


2010 - Dinner and Silent Auction at the Hyatt, April 15, 2010, St. Louis, Missouri


2009 - Dinner and Silent Auction at the Hyatt, April 2, 2009, Greenville, South Carolina


2008 - Dinner and Dancing on the Spirit of Jefferson Steamboat, Louisville, Kentucky


2007 - Dinner and Silent Auction at the Hyatt Regency, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


2006 - Dinner and Raffle at Mattie's House of Mirrors in Denver, Colorado





  Scholarships, Awards and Grants for 2017  (Applications will be accepted from 9/1/16 through 11/1/16)



Annual Conference Travel Scholarships offered for all members including international members and students $750 each!
For Members
For Students


One Research grant for $1,500 - Mental Health and Wellness Research Award


One Research grant for $3,000 from ISPN Foundation! - ISPN Foundation Psychiatric Nursing Research Grant





2016 Award Winners

ISPN Foundation Research Grant
Kayla Herbell, BSN, RN

Mental Health and Wellness Grant
Chieh (Sunny) Cheng, MSN, RN

2016 Conference Student Travel Scholarship
Kayla Herbell, BSN, RN

2016 Conference Student Travel Scholarship
Adam Searby

2016 Conference Member Travel Scholarship
Rhonda Schwindt, DNP, RN, PHHCNS-BC


2015 Award Winners 

2015 ISPN Mental Health & Wellness Research Grant
Dalia Alhasanat
Wayne State University
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Postpartum Depression in Immigrant Women of Arabic Descent in the US

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the International Society of Psychiatric- Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) for selecting me as a recipient of the 2015 ISPN Mental Health & Wellness Research Grant. I am so humbled to have been chosen for this award knowing that there were many qualified applicants.

I am currently a PhD student in the College of Nursing at Wayne State University. This award supported the development of my nursing research as a graduate nursing student. It helped me to accomplish my goal in advancing my research. I conducted a pilot study to examine the incident and risk factors for postpartum depression among immigrant women of Arabic descent. This award helped me to complete my research study successfully. As a result I wrote a manuscript that is ready for publication, I presented my findings in three research conferences, and it helped in advancing my progress in the PhD program.

Thank you for continuing to support and encourage graduate nursing students. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.


2015 ISPN-Foundation Student Travel Scholarship
Choochart Wong-Anuchit
St. Louis University

I want to thank the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) for the $750 student travel scholarship that I received in 2015. The award allowed me to attend for the first time the ISPN annual conference in Seattle, Washington.

I had the opportunity to network with nurse scholars and clinical experts in the area of my interest. Because the funds allowed me to attend the conference, I was able to have two poster presentations that showcased my doctoral student research. I was honored to receive the second-place award for one of them.

As an international student from Thailand completing my PhD degree at Saint Louis University, the travel scholarship allowed me to represent my country and my level of scholarship to the ISPN attendees. I plan to continue my membership and connection with ISPN. In April 2016, my research will be presented at the annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I will share my good conference experiences with other psychiatric-mental health nurses in Thailand and those studying in the United States, and encourage them to submit their studies for future ISPN conferences.






OUR THANKS to our generous donors

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