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Nominations are due January 26, 2024

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ISPN Awards

The ISPN Awards provide an opportunity for the association to formally recognize some of the many outstanding contributions of psychiatric-mental health nurses throughout the world.

The Awards are (as approved by the ISPN Board, November 2015):

Jeanette Chamberlain Psychiatric Leadership Award 
ISPN Clinical Practice Award
ISPN Diversity and Equity Award
ISPN Education Award
ISPN Research Award
Melva Jo Hendrix Lectureship Award
Living Legends Award
ISPN Psychiatric Mental Health Advocacy Award

Click here for descriptions of the Awards listed above
Click here to view the recipients of past awards

ISPN Awards Nomination Process

Nominator's Role
Prepare and submit a complete online nomination form that includes:

  1. Your official nomination letter describing the ways the nominee meets qualifications for the specific award.  Comment on the impact of the individual's contributions on the population served and/or the discipline of mental health nursing - and any special contributions the nominee has made to ISPN. Please discern that the nominee is an active ISPN member at the time of nomination (except for Living Legend and Psychiatric Mental Health Advocacy awards - see specific criteria for these awards).
  2. At least one additional letter of endorsement/support - which should cover similar considerations or elaborate on one or more primary achievements.
  3. Relevant portions of the nominee's curriculum vitae - a maximum of 10-12 pages.  Include education, credentials, and employment history - plus selected pages that document accomplishments that directly support the award - but in all cases, not more than 12 pages.
  4. E-mail address and phone numbers for both nominee and nominator.
  5. Optional: Additional support for the nomination (e.g., letter from a grateful parent, local newspaper article, etc.).
    • An individual should be nominated for only one award.
    • Recipients of each award for past years are listed here.  Please do not re-nominate an individual for the same award.
    • No self-nominations accepted.
    • All nominees must be members of ISPN at the time of nomination (except for the Psychiatric Mental Health Advocacy Award and Living Legend Award).
    • Nominators do not need to be ISPN members.

A nominee can be informed of the nomination, or the nomination can be a surprise.

Award recipients and nominators will be notified of the results prior to the annual conference. Winners will be recognized at the 2024 ISPN Annual Conference in Providence, RI. 

Awards Committee's Process
Winners are selected by considering the nominee's contributions and impact on individuals, systems, or populations using the criteria of the particular award. To a lesser degree, general contributions the individual has made to the profession -- including ISPN - are considered. While many award recipients are seasoned achievers, early career members who are making solid contributions have received awards in recent years.

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