Your ISPN membership now includes access to our exclusive e-list (AKA, listserv). This new member tool allows you to distribute messages to all of the members subscribing to the list with a simple email to the list address. Think of the possibilities!
  • Communicate with the membership through a single email.
  • Search the online archive for valuable information and resources.
  • Ask your peers questions that are most important you.
  • Manage your subscription and preferences through your member profile.
To get started:
  1. Log into your profile.
  2. In the My Features tab, click E-Lists.
  3. Make sure you are subscribed to the list.
  4. Make note of the list address.
  5. Click Edit to control your preferences.
  6. Click the list name to see and search previous posts.
  7. To start participating, click Post a New Message or send an email to the list address.

Frequently Asked Questions