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This paper describes "how-to" choose and use a mantram as a portable, practical, evidenced based strategy for self-regulation, manage stress and related symptom management.

Bormann, J. E., Kane, J. J., & Oman, D. (2020). Mantram repetition: A portable practice for being mindful. Mindfulness, 11(8), 2031–2033.  doi:10.1007/s12671-020-01440-4 (freely downloadable)


ISPN Member, Dr. David Foley, has been working to finish his book "Zero Days in Safety: One Nurse's Journey into Trauma and Recovery." The book tells the story of the sudden and traumatic externalization of his locus of control in 2016 when he suffered a serious accident. Within the book's narrative he celebrates his Faith, nursing theory, and even the QSEN Competencies. To view or purchase his book please visit this link


This paper provides an overview of the scientific research, including randomized clinical trials, that has investigated the health-related benefits of the Mantram Repetition Program. Such evidence supports its application for managing COVID-19 pandemic-related stress and symptoms.

Oman, D., Bormann, J. E., & Kane, J. J. (2020). Mantram repetition as a portable mindfulness practice: Applications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mindfulness. Online before print, 16 November 2020. downloadable)


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