Call for Abstracts
2023 ISPN Annual Conference
March 29-April 1
Sonesta Beach and Marina, Redondo Beach, CA 
Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Joining Together for Critical Need:
Addressing Diversity, Those Affected by War, Violence, and Health Inequities Across Populations

The abstract submission portal is now closed. The deadline for submissions was August 31, 2022. Authors will be notified as to the status of their abstract in December.

The International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) is offering a program of presentations and posters that addresses cutting-edge issues related to innovative clinical practice, education, research, and diversity in the psychiatric-mental health field.

Abstracts should be centered on the following broad concept areas:

•Keeping in mind the circumstances of the last three years, we are asking for submissions that include topics related, but not exclusively, to the treatment of diverse groups, victims of war, violence, and vulnerable populations.

•Psychiatric-Mental Health research, practice, leadership, education, psychotherapy, and/or psychopharmacology projects that demonstrate care coordination and strengthening care transitions ensuring that care is fully integrated to support the whole person and family.

•Psychiatric-Mental Health research, practice, leadership, education, psychotherapy, and/or psychopharmacology projects that improve health and health services efforts in persons with multiple chronic conditions.

•Psychiatric-Mental Health research, practice, leadership, education, psychotherapy, and/or psychopharmacology projects that incorporate models of care for individuals, groups, and communities including multiple chronic conditions, disability, and socioeconomic disadvantage that improve individual and population health while reducing disparities.

Types of Submissions
Abstracts will be sorted into five (5) categories:

  • Education/Teaching Pedagogy
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Research
  • Leadership Development
  • Psychopharmacology & CAM (by population track)
  • Psychotherapy

Pharmacology Content
Pharmacology contact hours are designed to enhance the learner’s ability to prescribe and/or monitor patients on pharmacotherapy. It includes topics such as pharmacokinetics and clinical applications of drugs. Pharmacology contact hours must be supported by an activity’s objective(s) and detailed content. Incidental mention of drugs or a pharmacological treatment does not qualify for pharmacology credit. 

Presentation Format

Oral Presentations (30 or 60 minutes):
Are focused on the presentation of a specific topic (e.g., research, clinical, administrative, education) that can be presented in a limited amount of time. Preference will be given to presentations that demonstrate active engagement of participants.

Workshop (90 minutes):
Is a meeting in which a group of people engages in intense discussion with facilitated activities and exercises on a particular subject. A workshop is generally more interactive, and participants have an opportunity to practice hands-on skill building. Preference will be given to abstracts that clearly meet the description above.

Poster Presentation:
A poster presentation is an exhibit of a topic that provides a forum for one-to-one discussion with colleagues. Research in progress may be submitted as a poster before completion.

Read more about the abstract guidelines here.