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Here are some suggested things YOU can do (from the WFMH):

      • Please share "What Dignity Means to You" via [email protected]. A selection of your responses will be posted on the ISPN website (with permission, of course!).
      • Host a small "in-service" with fellow nurses to educate them on recent information and discuss what they can do to improve the treatment of mental health consumers.
      • Gather nurses and patients together to work on a plan of action to create a better environment and help preserve dignity.
      • Hold a reception, a party, a march, a simple gathering during lunch-anything to bring people together to talk about the theme this year.
      • Spread the word.

If you do something to celebrate and acknowledge Dignity in Mental Health on Oct. 10, please let your ISPN Board know. We are on a mission to be more globally aware and form alliances with other global organizations.

A recent article posted on Medscape, Bipolar Disorder and ADHD in Children: Confusion and Comorbidity,  by  L A Stokowski includes an interview with Linda Jo Volness. We all know Linda Jo from the many excellent papers she has presented at ISPN Annual Conferences. We have been working with Medscape to feature the work of our presenters in Medscape, so we are pleased to see this article and a mention of ISPN at the conclusion of the piece.

To view the article you can click on this link:
You may be asked to join Medscape, but joining has no charge attached.

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