Supreme Court Decision on Roe v. Wade 

 June 24, 2022

The International Society of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) supports psychiatric mental health  care that promotes and advocates for the mental health of all persons especially marginalized groups such as women, children and adolescents, transgender and non-binary persons. To that point we are outraged, stunned and appalled at the June 24, 2022 SCOTUS decision in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey that limits reproductive rights, choice, and self-determination of American females.

As experts in mental health care, we see the results of school aged girls living with the resultant aftershock pregnancy caused from rape; the devastating results of post-partum depression; the increased mortality rates of women who must continue a dangerous pregnancy; and the demoralizing, relentless effect of poverty on the mental health of childbearing individuals.

As a continuous advocate for safeguarding and advancing public health and vocal supporter of universal access to healthcare, ISPN strongly objects to the Courts reversal of longstanding precedent afforded by Roe v. Wade. Given that the United States has higher rates of maternal mortality compared to most other economically developed countries, and given the United States does not offer parental leave support, this decision leaves no safeguards in place for those who have decided they are not ready to be pregnant.

The continued inequity of access to health and mental health care will be exacerbated by this discriminatory ruling that dehumanizes half of the citizens of America. Restricting a person’s ability to make decisions about their body and their future is unconscionable and ISPN strongly objects to it.